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I never run less oil than 32:1. Ever.. Well.. I take that back.. In the old says.. 50:1 was the rule.. But.. oil back then was much different than the oils formulated these days. Oils now, most anyway, such as Valvoline are designed to burn as completely as possible in the combustion chamber for a super clean burn. Since the oils are formulated differently, 32:1 is the rule. I would ever ever recommend a 100:1 ratio. Never.. that is way way too lean.. Wow !! Do not try it. Not sure why you would want to risk engine damage to your engine. 100:1 is next to nothing in lubrication. wow !! I have been using Valvoline 2 stroke oils in my race bikes, and boats for over 30 years. Good stuff and priced right too. Enjoy the ride...
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