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Default Re: opti-2 I'm sold on it.

What meager emotional satisfaction could result from selling it in the parking lot?

Pack it full of magnesium shavings and nestle it into the coals of a good blazing fire well into the back yard.

Sit back and uncap your favorite beverage.

Purr and smile contentedly as the smugly obdurate MF'ing little pile of totally random alloys and deviously engineered (the chinese are plotting to drive anyone with any mechanical sensibilities insane with this stuff. it's so cheap it's like opium to us) threads, casings, cams, rings, bearings, etc, self immolate in a white blaze of collapsing agony!!!!!!! Yesssss. Oh yehehessssssss!

for heaven's sake, remove all trace of opti-2 from any/all surfaces or you'll never be rid of it. Scientists have speculated that a small piston engine coated even with a 1/1,000,000,000,000,000 thick film of opti-2 (mixed at 1,000,000,000,000:1 with Marathon premium) would be the only object recognizible after the entire planet were sucked into a black hole. It would start again on the first pull. And it would run better for the experience. They say this. I got it somewhere, just a sec......

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