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Default Re: Oil War I

As Oil War I continues to rage throughout the motorbike world, I still look to those in leadership positions for direction and guidance. I don't think I deserve a medal for longevity, but I have been working off and on since February on my GasBike 66cc kit, and am back to starting over again. I have thought many times of loading it all into the back of my pickup and taking it to the shopping center parking lot and trying to sell it for what I could get for it. And I still may. Tired of mounting the motor and dismounting it over and over, I ordered my motor mount from Sick Bike Parts. Having the sprocket bored incorrectly, stripping and breaking bolts repeatedly, I have on order the sprocket and adapter from Manic Mechanic Creative Engineering. So, inspite of this war, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for us oppressed, inept, motorized bicycle wannabes.
But believing that...'All things work for the good of those who believe..." I still don't know what to use for breakin and after, if and when that glorious day for engine startup does arrive. I therefore propose someone in our great forum create for us an organization based upon the lines of NATO, such as OTTO: Organization for Truth and Treaty on Oil, or something to that effect. But then, looking at NATO, this may be such a good idea. To those who are still in the battle, ...."Never, ever, Give up..." said Prime Minister Churchill.
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