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Default Re: What speed do u cruize at on open road?

Originally Posted by Earthman View Post
I wouldn't trust the strength of a bicycle frame at the speeds some folks mention here and elsewhere. A bicycle's joints and frame members weren't designed to carry the loads or absorb the impact forces that such loads and speeds create going over even small bumps. The longer and faster you ride, and the more bumps you go over, the faster the frame will fail from fatigue if nothing else. The frame only has so many loading cycles in it, and I doubt anyone can tell you how long a frame will last under your particular riding conditions. My motorized bicycle tops out at 24 MPH (about 40 KPH) on the flat with a tailwind, and that speed is quite thrilling knowing the above. I suggest that if you need speed, move onto something that was designed for it. No disrespect meant, but everyone will be better off if you do.
Well said fo'sho'!
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