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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

WARNING!!! Extreme Scooters are scammers
They have no Whizzers and the 98 cc 2 stroke is just a mislabeled and over priced Chinese engine kit

Notice that they do not take credit cards, probably because they have been cut off and so
the customers they have cheated can't do charge backs
Extreme Scooters have been sued by their State and forced to pay back consumers but they seem to be continuing to be scammers

Originally Posted by Extreme Scooters
For Your Convenience We Currently Accept:
Personal Checks, Money Order, or Direct Bank Wire Transfer

Originally Posted by geeksquid View Post
That's the wrong URL. The correct one is here The link to their "Whizzer" engine is at here

I'm curious about their Whizzer engine. They don't actually say it's a 4-stroke but they say "For Some States the DOT / EPA Approved kit is the 98cc two stroke 4.5 Horse Power Kit". A genuine modern day Whizzer engine is 4-stroke. That makes me think that if you ordered an engine kit or even a complete bike, you wouldn't know what you were getting until it arrived and that could be a very expensive problem since the engine kit is over $800.

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