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Default Re: What speed do u cruize at on open road?

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
I gotta get a speedo soon or have somebody follow in a car-

with a 36t (I've got a 32 coming to try) and now also a 27 X 1/14 wheel on the front, and a 1.75 smooth tread cruiser wheel still on the back, my 66 must be getting up to about 40 if I push- But I'm just guessing.

But that's really faster than I want to go! I raced USCF for a number of years and know too well what going down on pavement is like- now at 55 years, I don't want to find out again-

So for me- the goal is to get a good decent cruise of 25- 30 mph without opening up the motor much- those last whining revs never seem to make that much difference.

I'm going to be almost entirely on the flat, on short trips of several miles (I still don't trust the reliability). Every time I've gone to a thinner tire, it's made a big difference (from 2.25 down to 1.75, and now a front of 1 1/4" width, and i may still change the back one too (But spending too much time fiddling with this- I got to play some guitar too!)

The vibration really came down once the beach cruiser knobbys were gone.

the 1 1/4 tires are as thin as I'll go- I think one inch too narrow- you need SOME rubber on the rim in case of blowout- (and I raced always on sew-ups)- and for traction- cause with the motor and the fuel- the bikes more top heavy and NOT as responsive-

The bigger wheel runs smoother over small ruts, but a big rock can be trouble, and I'm DEFINITELY not going to fly through any corners at any speed. The thinner tires make for a much easier and more natural pedal approaching the road bike standard I'm used to.

And I'm goning to be staying on the road- most people may want to stay with 26" wheels- unless they want to get real efficiency, and be careful otherwise.

I ALWAYS wear a helmet with the motor- one has literally saved my life in racing.

And when I put the big wheel on the front- I also put on a Campy road brake- What a difference over the cruiser cantilever- it really adds some safety.
I used to race USCF too. I am the same, I just like running the 36t and not flogging the motor too much. 40km/h is fast enough. I can squirt mine to 60km/h but there is no need IMO.
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