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Default Re: Rear wheel, spokes and bearings

Originally Posted by HoughMade View Post
Whooaaa, did I see that right on the rear wheel, 30 pounds! It does look like it would solve my problem's. Thank's Hough I do like those wheels and I think I will get a set.

I looked but did not see a burr, also used a small wire to feel for a burr. I did not notice anything. I cleaned it up and got some spoke's on the way. I'm going to order a set of wheels that Hough pointed out.
There is got to be something wrong, I started having this problem around November I think and enough is enough.
Thank's guy's for the input.
Funny thing, I had to use my truck tonight to go to the store. I have not used it in so long the battery was dead, that has never happened to me before. Quick jump with the charger and I was on my way. I think I will still pedal to work tomorrow. In the morning it's not so bad, but after work when I have had a ruff day I dont look forward to it, espacially when it is 103deg. like it was today.
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