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I decided to take another look at the engine today and I'm looking at where I thought I blown a gasket. This was of course after I took off that sealant.

I wanted to figure out how it was still very loud even after the sealant on. So I grab my roomie flashlight and I'm looking around and the gasket does not apear to be blown. So I think to myself maybe it's the head gasket.. I look up and point the flaslight at the head. This is where I find the problem..

I had a gasket blown..however it was not where I thought it was. The gasket that blew was the exaust gasket. I guess it was a bad gasket or something because it blew right away. I'm also thinking the exaust was not on as tight as I thought it was.

Thankfully I had a spare gasket and I replaced the blown one and made sure it was nice and tight. I took it out for a good almost 3km test run and it sounded pretty much normal. I guess when I looked at the exaust gasket before It was dark and I didn't notice the chunk missing ?
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