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Default newbie in AZ

Hi, I'm new to the group. Looking forward to learning more about the motored bikes.

I currently have a Grubee Gen II, setup on a Schwinn MTB (rigid frame). Just getting things dialed in with that bike setup now. Got maybe 40 miles or so on the engine now. (running 2 stroke dino oil until after the break-in). Everything is running just fine but with these two exceptions.

- I have the 415 chain, and it's now starting to rub on my rear tire. I'm using 2.24" rear tire, but I'll probably swap it out for 2.00". Maybe dump the 415 chain too.

- got some noise coming from the clutch cover side. When I pull in the clutch lever, no noise. When I run the bike, it makes a rubbing sound. I've pulled the cover and put a dab of grease where the gears mesh....

any rate, I'll post that info in the right forums. (and will do a little searching beforehand too).

chat soon,

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