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Default Mods I'm making to make this thing a bit safer/ reliable


I've had a spooky barebones for a few months now, but it's been out of service for most of that time. First, I sawed the exhaust off after frustration from it rubbing and then shredding the exhaust gasket- running an open header increased vibration and shook the shaky makeshift front motor mount apart. Then I let a girl I was sweet on ride it, and she wadded it up against the side of a house (bent forks). After I got that straightened away, I was riding around, and just started to get frustrated with the chain rub on the tire and the noise from the open header.

So I redlined it. Got on this forum, did some digging, and purchased the following:

-Reliable front motor mount;
-Hub mounted sprocket;
-A proper exhaust;
-Copper exhaust gasket.

I purchased instead of home-making the fixes because it's easier for me to work a few hours of overtime at work and contribute to some of these businesses than it is for me to JAFO something together. Time management's key when you're an impatient ADHD boob.

I'm installing all but the hub mount today; the hub mount has to be custom made for my hub and has yet to arrive. The entire list of fixes set me back around $125 beans- not bad for what I hope will make my moto-bicycle a little more reliable, safe, and fun.

I'll report back with the result. Anyone else had to go through this length to get things right?

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