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Default Re: Oil in Reduction - Clutch Shaft ?

Hi Mel,

Have a look at animation's the link:

As you can see the countershaft is made up of several sliding components, none of which would benefit from squirting grease into the threaded hole that supports the clutch cable stanchion. Even if enough grease were pumped in to touch the countershaft...the grease would be quickly whipped off the first time the engine is run.

The best way to lube the assembly is as follows:

Remove the clutch actuator...remove the pin that protrudes from the countershaft...remove the 8mm ball if you can...if you can't it's O.k.

Hold a grease gun tight against the end of the countershaft and give it 5-6 shots of grease.

The grease will then be internal, where it should be. Have a look at the animation, and you will see what I'm referring to.

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