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Default Re: Can a flip-flop hub save my spokes?

Filp Flop hubs are right hand threads on both sides. There is a hub that has right hand threads on one side and Track threading on the other. Track threading is actually two sets of threads, a narrow width of normal right hand threads for the fixed cog and a smaller dia. narrow width set of left hand threads for the cog lock ring. I'm not sure if this type of hub is still called a flip flop or not but weather or not it is, neither of these types of hubs will work as a way to mount a driven sprocket on the left side of the wheel. A disc brake hub would work, by using the rotor mounting holes to mount your driven sprocket. Or You might want to look at the Grubee HD hub with the fixed sprocket. I would provide you with a link to the folks at who sold the Grubee Hub but they seem to be out of them as they are not currently shown on their site. You might check with some of the other suppliers of Grubee 2-stroke kits to see if they have the HD Fixed Sprocket Hubs in stock. To save the spokes as you say, You have to get the sprocket mount off the spokes. You also might want to look at the Adapter made by Jim at Creative Engineering/Manic Mechanic. He makes a really sweet adapter that clamps to the center body of a rear hub and provides the mounting location for the driven sprocket Look for his ad on the bar at the right or left of this page. If you have a hub that is compatiable with his adapter, your problem will be solved


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