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Default Re: Need Perm Woodruff Key Fix. Popped out twice in 6 miles

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
Ok no offence but you do not adjust your idle with the cable. There is a spring loaded screw on the left side of the carb. Turn it in for a higher idle. It's engages a taper at the bottom of the carb slide. Use the cable adjust on the top to adjust the slack. You want it so when you lift the throttle cable housing/jacket where it goes into the carb with your fingers you have about 1/8" of play/slack before you feel the slide lifting.
My main concern was getting the proper slack in the cable
This is for a bike that I built and shipped. During shipping the throttle cable was knocked loose from an aftermarket set of throttle grips. The idle had been set prior to shipping and needed to be put back in the same manner it was put on originally.
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