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Question Can a flip-flop hub save my spokes?


So I've taken the plunge, ordered my Grubee SkyHawk 48 cc engine kit from bikeberry and have been reading up on what to expect. One thing that I've heard about is that the way that the rear sprocket is mounted to the wheel is by clamping it directly to the spokes using some metal pieces that connect to one anohter with 9 or so bolts. Basically, just a compression fit.

The issue is, that's a lot of stress on those spokes, in addition to what they're getting already from regular riding! I've busted a few spokes on my rear wheel this past year, had them fixed, and it was no big deal. But it seems like if I motorize my bike, the spokes will be the first to go.

So how about a flip flop hub? Is it possible to use a flip flop hub instead of the stock hub on my bike (a 2007 KHS Urban Xpress), and mount the rear sprocket for the engine drive to the "fixed" side of the hub? Has anyone out there tried this?

Thanks in advance.....
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