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Default Re: Blown Gasket

Originally Posted by broHSI View Post
when you took those 2 bolts out you damaged the split case gasket and that is why it is leaking now

Why did you remove the bolts?
Did you use locktite when you replaced them?
because of the mounting system I had at the time. I relied in a piece of metal that wraped around the tube of bike and conected with one of the bolts on the side of the engine. I didn't make that mounting set up. It was my buddy as I kept getting snapped bolts no matter what I did so he was trying to come up with a bracket set up that would prevent further snapped bolts. I did not use loc tight for them bolts on the side of the engine.

I'm now using a U bolt bracket that is alot more secure.

Just how complicated is it to change this gasket and how long would it take even it you knew what you where doing and where good at working one engines ? It doesn't sound like a very fun thing to do. You got the gears on one side and then the magento and key plus the clutch gear on the other. Not to mention anything else inside one would have to dismantle just to change a gasket.
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