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Default Re: Blown Gasket

Originally Posted by broHSI View Post
You have 2 allen head bolts in the side of the engine that hold the cases together so you must have changed them as they don't come with those
I said bolts and not studs that go in the front of the engine to mount it
I did not change the bolt's on the side of the engine. What you see is what they came with. I know there the ones that with the engine as it's the exact the same same size and length as the longest bolt on the clutch cover. I can put the bolt in either hole and it fits perfectly. Not trying to be rude but why would I lie and say I didn't when I did ?? Not every engine kit looks 100% or comes the same bolts.

Regrading the engine tear down.. I don't see anything there that would explain how to change the gasket. However I have to start removing 500 little parts to do so then I refuse to. It's not worth the time and aggravation from trying to do so. I rather by a new engine kit then spend countless hours trying to do this.
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