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Default Re: What speed do u cruize at on open road?

Good point xlite. I know of a 70cc that honestly does 45mph but not 55 and thats w/ a/m carb, filter, expando chamber and shift kit.

My 4 stroke shifter does about 37max on the flats. I have taller gears than I need so I can cruise at any speed really.

I ride WOT pretty much 'til I reach terminal velocity except downhill. Keep in mind I live in Seattle and it's very hilly. I average about 20 mph on my commute (11 mi takes about 30 min). I'm reduced to < 20 up some hills and reach >40 on a few downhill spots. I can reach those downhill speeds w/ or w/o the motor.

Quality bicycle componants, good safety gear and well crafted motorized bicycle widgetry go a long way to inspiring confidence!

So far we don't get any attn from the fuzz! Passed 1 doing 35mph in a 40mph zone yesterday. I know I wasn't speeding by car standards but mb's aren't technically legal in WA and I don't know of any state where it's legal to go 35 mph on 'em. Seattle is trying to be more of a bike town, though, too.
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