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Default she finnaly blew up

after close to 6000 miles and shes done it happens been ridin this motor hard for a year and a half and all was well go to fire it up to day and half mile it made a loud pop the a crunch and then somthing that sounded like a squirell caught in a fan so its pretty much done but its be fun gonna order a new motor when i can afford it but wont be any time soon probably but just wanted to share the loss in the family so r.i.p. dax 66/80cc you rode hard and ran well hope all is well in motorized bicycle heaven thanks for the fun you gave me and everyone else that rode you

if you dont see smoke your doin somthing wrong fly low beat the radar
04 shcwinn 80cc dax sbp camber cns carb boost bottle k&n filter 36 tooth 40mph (gps tested) havin fun and smokin scooters
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