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Make fun of opti 2 all you want. I say stick with whatever you are comfortable with. Use regular 2 stroke oil if you want. Or use synthetic as I did until trying the opti 2. There is no right way for everyone any more than there is only one way to build a bike. if you don't trust it, don't buy it. Simple. But, making fun of what you have not tried does not lend credibility to the criticisms and jokes. What about all of us who have tried it and have seen enough reason to switch over? What about those who have used it for a long time and swear by it? Are we who use it all gullible fools? If it is snake oil, it is damned good snake oil in my opinion. I ran Amsoil in my Thatdax motor for over a thousand miles and with less than ten miles running the opti 2 it ran better than it ever has. I believe in what works for me and even at 65 I'm not to old to try something new. I use this oil because it works, not because I like the manufacturer's website. As soon as I run out of Amsoil Sabre Professional used in my chainsaws and lawnboy mower, they are getting opti 2 as well. If I'm wrong then I guess I'll find out sometime later. As someone here pointed out, a replacement HT motor is pretty cheap so it is no great gamble to find out for myself.
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