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Well... maybe... But still don't see any advantage or reference to lubrication.

If I could find a small bottle for less than $60 I might try it. I want to test synthetics with least investment possible. I'd feel like a fool spending big bucks for no reason.

Originally Posted by restapukin View Post
as devils advocate, the charge of 'misuse of the term eutectic' does not stick .... in all fairness...

I quote from wikipedia

"Other eutectic mixtures

Sodium chloride and water form a eutectic mixture. It has a eutectic point of −21.2 C[1] and 23.3%[2] salt by mass. The eutectic nature of salt and water is exploited when salt is spread on roads to aid snow removal, or mixed with ice to produce low temperatures (for example, in traditional ice cream making).

Lidocaine and prilocaine, both solids at room temperature, form a eutectic that is an oil with a 16C melting point, used in EMLA (Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetic) preparations.

Minerals may form eutectic mixtures in igneous rocks,[3] giving rise to characteristic intergrowth textures such as that of granophyre.

Some inks are eutectic mixtures, allowing inkjet printers to operate at lower temperatures.[4]"

damn... see how it even has relevance to traditional makers of chocolate ice-cream for fat girls?

only half joking if you follow me
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