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Default Re: full suspension OCC chopper almost ready 4 paint

LoL, It already works! I know this and knew this before any pics were posted. Newbie your problem with bottoming out is one of many things. First of all you can't tell in the pic but the way I set it up is like this. The original bottom bar design of the bike is totally straight all the way back to the tire. When no one is on this bike there is a slighty downward slope on the ass end now. Its not very much at all and makes no really visible line change when looking at the bike. Now when I sit on it, the line is back to normal, straight again. I have my shock tightened all the way down so it is very strong. Also take that picture download it on your comp and zoom in. Check out the actual design of the pivot point. I have already product tested this thing for many hours. I'm 175 lbs and I have jumped up and down standing on the seat for hours it works and it works well.

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