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Default Re: BAMF's 1st build Schwinn DelMar

1. I shortened up all of my cables last night. It's pretty easy to do with a dremel cutting wheel. I also got a bunch of those little metal caps to replace the ones I cut off. Looks so much better now. I still need to shorten my throttle cable though.
2. BAMF, did creative eng. say why is was taking so long for your sprocket and adapter? I won't be very happy either if it takes the better part of a month to receive mine. Also, where did you get that tail light. I didn't realize it reads STOP until I clicked on it. Sweet.
3. Last night I also picked up these little rubber lights that fit perfectly under the seat of my schwinn. You hit the button once and the led is constant. Hit the button again and it's intermittent. Very bright and very small. You'd have to tell someone it's there for them to find it. Unless it wasn't black like the ones I got. Knog Frog 1-LED Bicycle Light: Sports & Outdoors
4. I also bought a can of primer, chrome and clear coat. I want to chrome the removable side cases of the motor to match the chrome tank, exhaust and other chrome parts of the bicycle. This one is my wife's. I'm going to Black mine out and paint the wheels red.

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