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Default questions from a new guy in california...

first off, hi. how's it going?

i've got some questions (if they've already been asked, please direct me to the threads.)

i saw a grubee kit last week, and now i'm hooked. i'm ordering one from bikemotorkit(dot)com. i couldn't find any reviews, has anyone dealt with them before?

has anyone out there bought the turnkey, complete bike set-up, and if so, how do they rate? do you think the price is worth it? to me, it seems like a low-end cruiser and i was wondering about the quality vs. the high price.

i don't want to start any arguments, i just want to know the success stories, or the horror stories involved with them.

does anyone know why some companies will ship to california, some say it's against CARB regulations, and even others are based in california?

i don't want to get started on the california laws, i read those 800 pages already. so far, i've learned that they're illegal, and that i need a helmet, and that i don't need a license, except on sundays and fridays (if it's a leap year,) in the rain, and only if i'm wearing an orange safety vest, with a moped license on upside down, towing the law library around with me(with turn signals on the trailer, of course), and it's a full moon...

i'll deal with the law when they stop me.

anyway, i can't wait to get my kit. (so i can find out which parts are missing, or broken from the factory, with a dead rat in the crankcase.)

obviously, i'm pretty excited to open up this can of worms. i love a challenge...

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