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Default Re: What speed do u cruize at on open road?

Open road, WOT about 28-30.
Sidewalk, anywhere around 15 to 20.
There are quite a few roads around here that don't have dedicated bike paths and even though they're 4 lane thoroughfares I will not ride on them because of the condition of the road, heck I don't even like driving down them in my truck! lol

My rule of thumb has become if the speed limit's over 35 mph, there's a curb and no bike lane I'm on the sidewalk.

Thought I might catch a little trouble when I was going down the sidewalk the other day because there was a cop running a speed trap in a driveway and I had to ride right in front of him. He glanced up at me from his paperwork for a second then went right back to what he was doing. For motorized bicycles not being totally legal around here the police have been rather cool about it.
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