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Default Re: Really need to decide

Originally Posted by GeneFiorot View Post
It s not a hard decision at all, do you want to get to work or do you want to become your town's resident expert on fixing 2 cycle chinese engines? Ya get to work, I knew that , buy the 4 cycle And its true the cost of two cycle parts are rock bottom , so rock bottom in fact you can afford to buy an replacement engine every month. Well if you can't afford it you could be buying one anyway. Remember your first goal is not to join the ranks of the unemployed.
I agree. Look at how many motorized things are powered by 2 cycles anymore. Heck even weed whackers are starting to be produced with 4 cycle engines. If I were using mine as my sole means of transport instead of just something fun to cruise around on (that and the fact that my wife already looks at me sideways over how much I've spent on a bike ) I'd have gone 4 cycle. Just the fact that if you get a little careless and run out of gas just being able to pull up to the pump is a nice bonus in itself.
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