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Default Re: quality of cruiser?

Originally Posted by city of angels View Post
i have a huffy from walmart i had for about a year so far no problems i bought it for for 84.00 plus tax

Same here. I made the clerk pull every one down off the rack so I could look them all over and I picked the best one. Only problem I've had so far is the rear fender quite simply fell apart.

1st the L bracket broke so I replaced it with one I made out of some 1/8" stock, it lasted two days. 2nd attempt was made out of the bottom corner of a 5gal. bucket. I figured that the vibes were fatiguing the metal so maybe polyethylene plastic would hold up better, it did, lasted a full week before it broke. Since the last repair the front 2" of the fender broke off just below the rolled edge, metal fatigue again.

I've crushed steel beer cans that were tougher then these fenders. Can't count the number of good heavy steel sets I threw in the trash when I pulled them off old cruisers as a kid and now that I want a cruiser WITH fenders.... lol
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