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Originally Posted by XITruthIX View Post
No, electric assist is also still illegal although its in legislation currently and has been for sometime. Furthermore, all ive seen of the electric assist is they're dramatically more expensive to buy/build and their range is tremendously limited compared to gas assist, the difference of 30 miles (while pedal assisting) to over 75 miles (no pedal action required) is huge for me, as everything I would access with a motor assisted bike round trip would easily be 30 miles
Im also grand spankin new to this forum. I had already purchased a kit from ebay, bought a new bike and already put it together and now i find its illegal. Kinda sucks. I got the hint these kits were illegal when i saw you cant buy them in new york but bought it anyway on ebay. It runs well, but the problem is, I broke my chain when riding it and cant find any replacements out hear so I have to order a new one.
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