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Default Re: Need Perm Woodruff Key Fix. Popped out twice in 6 miles

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post

On every engine I've disassembled the end of the key is very close to the inner bearing race. This makes the key sit slightly tilted. If you're real careful, you can slide the gear on without rolling the key out of the slot.

The key isn't coming out while the engine is running...

The fix:

File one end of the key, (the end that will face the bearing), so that the key rests in the slot with the top face parallel to the shaft.

This way the key will not try to roll out of the slot while installing the gear.

Jim thanks for your help. Im not sure if I understand everything you wrote.

Both times my key came out I was under way and the motor was running.
When I reinstalled the gear it wanted to roll out towards the back but after carefully putting it on, it was on correctly.

Im not sure how you file the key. Do you have any pics? Do you think if I make my gear fit down another 1/8 it will keep the key in place?
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