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Default Re: Need Perm Woodruff Key Fix. Popped out twice in 6 miles

Originally Posted by freewheeling frank View Post
sounds to me like you arent putting the gear all the way on allowing space in the cut to be exposed and therefore letting the keyjump out try tapping the gear on gently so both gears line up, later frank
I thought about JB weld, im not sure super glue would hold. My concern is it gets pretty hot and this might fail.

I am pretty sure I had the gear on all the way to the stop point and as tight as I could get it.

I belive the gear is hardened so I doubt a file will do much. I am still thinking about having the inner diameter of the gear machined to make it about 1/8 deeper and about 1/16th or 2 wider to fit the gear a bit deeper.

Please keep the suggestions comming! Thanks!
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