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Default Need Perm Woodruff Key Fix. Popped out twice in 6 miles

Well my woodruff key popped out again. It popped out the first time after 5 miles. I fixed it and now it popped out after 1 mile.

It has to be comming out behind the small gear. It cant come out of the front. The small gear goes back to where the shaft is just a wee bit bigger in diameter and stops at the stop. The woodruff key goes back further than the larger diameter on the shaft. I am thinking file down the inner diameter of the back edge of my small gear so it sits back about 1 to 2 16ths. maybe even 1/8 further on the shaft and hopefully that will give the key more coverage so it wont back out. There is room for the gear to go back further and it actually sticks out about 1/8 more than the large clutch gear anyways.

Before I file it I would like your input! I have learned to wait for help and ideas to arrive! You guys are full of good info. Hopefully we can get a perm fix that others can use if needed.

Any ideas?

Mr Woodruff and his key can kiss my ace! Im going to win this war.

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