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Default Re: Really need to decide

Yup resta's got it. I am a 2 stroke kinda guy. I don't like their pollutant levels, but I like as much power VS weight. The 4 stroke your thinking about may actually have as much power as a 2 stroke china girl, only because of the higher engineering level. If your china girl was engineered better the 4 stroke wouldn't have a chance. There is a lot more noise both from the intake and exhaust on the 2 stroke and it may vibrate a bit more (which means you should regularly do maintenance to make sure things haven't loosened up). The 4 stroke will require less maintenance, you won't really have to worry about disturbing the peace with noise, and they do not cause as much pollution. But my two stroke is fun, and requires maintenance, and I love doing it so I'm grand with a china girl.
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