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Default Really need to decide

Hello, this is my first attempt to motorize my bike and i need to decide what kind of kit to get for my bike. I have decided to order from Dax, but I don't know whether to get the 4 stroke or the 2 stroke. My situation is that I will need to depend on this daily to get to work as well as running errands because unfortunately I will not be able to drive a car for appx 2 years. I live in Iowa so the winters are fairly harsh and starting in the early hours of a cold winter morning will be important. Whichever kit i decide to go with I will be getting a shift kit. There is a significant price increase from the 2 stroke to the 4 stroke. I have been told that the 4 strokes are more reliable, easier to use, so on and so forth. I understand the basic concepts on how each system works, and I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to motors, but minimal maintenance will be a plus. I am ordering a kit one way or another tomorrow morning and I really need help deciding which to get. I did have a motorized scooter with a subaru robin 4 stroke motor that I really put through **** and it was a little champion rain shine and snow. So I am sold on the reliability of the 4 stroke, but if i could save the money and get a 2 stroke with similar reliability, obviously I would like to do that. I really appreciate any help that I can get from members of this forum. Thanks in advance.
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