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What I don't get is how you expect an oil manufacturer to answer or deal with issues that effect individual motors. the Chinese Motors have no consistency, their tolerances are all over the ball park, their lack of reliability well documented. To take an unknown quantity, poor at best, and treat it like it was a fine tuned racing motor with correct tolerances and excellent tooling or for that matter a decent weed wacker that I have owned for 20 years is taking a chance at best. Chinese motors cannot be assured of not having bent cranks new out of the box and people who want to run the absolute minimum oil gas mixture is misguided. The bearings are the cheapest quality with suspect tolerances and questionable materials. Their assembly is worse. their Balance often mimics a Panasonic Vibrator. How much difference can anyone expect the oil to make. Sure use the best oil but use it sanely. Morini recommends 50;1 after break in Stick with 32 :1 with the best oil You think you got a Morini? Fat Chance IMO
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