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Default Re: my first 5 mils and clutch problem LOL with pics

Thanks, well I tried to swap out this motor for another brand new 66cc one I have and it mounts just a bit different. It is the SD Stinger so I re installed the one that came with it.

Im not going to take it apart any further as it is beyond my mechanical ability. This motor should be pretty new so it needs to be replaced. And to top it off as I was re installing the exhaust pipe it seems one of the screws stripped. Barely even had it much more than hand tight. Not my day I guess.

Ill pm Barron to see if he has the info to return it for another. Im pretty sure it came from Zoom.

It was a fun 5 miles! Heck if I would have known this I would have hammered it wide open the whole time. I held it wide open for about 25 seconds untill it reached top speed one time and cruised the rest of the time. My GPS on my I phone said 50 mph but I dont think that is correct!

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