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Default my first 5 mils and clutch problem LOL with pics

Got Barrons board tracker running today. Nice bike from a great guy. UPS damaged it during shipping but thats another story and has a happy ending in sight I hope.

Anyways, rode it for abour 5 miles . Rode fine, while underway at about 20 mph on a long stretch it seemed like the clutch just gave out, motor still ran fine, but no go.

Took off the clutch cover and noticed 2 loose metal pieces in case. Here they are in middle of plate after being removed.

Had a little clutch dust. Is this normal, motor is pretty new. Less than 20 miles im sure.

The front gear spins freely with the cluch lever pulled in or left out. Seems like it is not engaging the shaft to turn over the motor, it also sounds pretty bad. When I use a screw driver to turn over the small sproket shaft there is plenty of compression.

Any ideas? I have had plenty of manual shift cars and motorcycles so Im pretty easy on the clutch's.

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