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Default Re: questions. plz read

I bought my kit for boygofast and it was all any of the others seem to be. My only problems with the kit were 1. the instructions suck eggs and this site did not exist. So I installed the carp link wrong and siezed my engine. Norman talked me through fixing that. But I broke the rings cause I didn't know there were pimples on the piston's ass. 2. The throttle is very thin plastic. Im the only one who ever destroyed it before the bike was running but I did. 3. The clutch lever is garbage but I think that is true of them all. Would I have paid fifty bucks more to call and tell him im a dumb butt... no but it was a terrible hassle for a while.

Be thankful for this site filled with guys who have been there done most of the wrong things before you. Buy the kit from anyone as far as I'm concerned they are all the same this site is more valuable than you know.
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