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I've heard that using full synthetic oil in a car engine from day one is a bad idea because it doesn't allow the rings to seat but on an engine with 1000 miles on it should defiantly have had the rings seated unless you've always used a synthetic 2 cycle oil.

A good old standby to clean the top end of any engine is regular old Dextron II ATF added to the gas. Had a Cutlass years ago that developed a mysterious problem with loosing tranny fluid. About every week I'd add a half a quart but I couldn't find a leak anywhere. Trans guy told me I probably had a bad vacuum modulator causing the trans fluid to be sucked into the carb through the vacuum hose. About a week after replacing the modulator I did a valve job and let me tell you for having 100k miles on the engine it didn't have one speck of carbon in the top end, the tops of the pistons were actually shiny! lol
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