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Default Re: questions. plz read

Originally Posted by invader-zim View Post
im ordering a kit from dax today.
nomatter what the answere is im still ordering it from dax BUT are his kits really any better then the ones you can buy for like 160$ on ebay?

If you bid on that'sdax kits on ebay, you'll get them for less...if you look closely, most of the cheaper ones on ebay have higher shipping cost, so they all come out about the same. A couple of the "cheaper kits" are also sold by sellers that are not really good with service, and some are outright ****heads about problems that may occur.

im ordering from dax because i have a phone# where i can reach him
a 30 day money back warrenty and hey to be honest i like the guy. made a phone call to him and he seems nice.
to me this is TOTALLY worth the 50$ that was the main thing i was scared of was an anonymous seller.

and on another note my plans for the bike right now as far as performance goes are. boost bottle,port the intake and exhaust and a 36 tooth sproket
any other easy upgrades? dax would any of this void the 30 day warrenty? if so im gonna hold off on them

The boost bottle has been proven to be a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY for most that have tried it!!!!

Also, looky here-
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