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Smile Engine Temp??

Hi Everyone - Just completed my 1st bike this past weekend, trying to take all the tips I have harvested from this site, so needless to say the install took about 3x as long following all tips such as silicone on the inside of the engine covers etc. Ok on to my post..

Has anyone used a thermometer of sorts on their engine? I want to know what is going on in my engine before it even gets to grenade or runs under-tuned.

What engine temps are acceptable for these motors after say 15 min of running?

I have a Nitro 2-stroke RC car and tuning that thing is all about engine temp since it is the only constant compared to altitude, air density, air temp etc.. when it is hot outside you richen it up and measure the engine temp using a small RC non-contact infrared thermometer (any RC store or Radio shack sells them). On that motor if it goes over 220 it is hot and will grenade at 270 degrees. I run it around 180 -210 degrees, but this is not a 18000 rpm RC motor. My other two-stroke is a small jet boat with 2x 800cc Rotax 2-strokes in it and I always watch the temp on that. BTW here is the rule of thumb for RC cars if you dont have a temp guage:"For owners that do not have access to a temperature probe, a drop of water on the cooling head (around the glow plug area) should slowly sizzle for approximately 6 to 8 seconds around 200 to 210 degrees. If the water sizzles for only a few seconds, then it is likely that it is over 220 degrees, and needs to cool down"

As many have recommended I started with between a 16:1 - 20:1 gas/oil mixture and idled it for 15min with a fan on it then turn off for 30min (did it 3x) to break in/ temper the chrome cylinder barrel and then one road test. It was running between 170 - 190 degrees just at idle with a fan on it.

I think engine temp is one of the most important gauges of how your engine is performing so I want to benchmark this thing. Any input or ideas on a engine thermometer? Looks like we have a couple options for a tachometer already so I can geek out on that.


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