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Default Re: Rock shocks for chopper forks!

Outlaw told me of his accident which was the culprit of something he built for his bike that failed.
Sometimes lessons can be lightly learned; other times they can be Fatal....


Young Guys, if you are going to be welding and fabricating things
for your bikes and you do not posess years of mechanical and
metal fabrication knowledge,


Show someone else WITH EXPERIENCE
what you are building or thinking of building.
Get It Checked Out For Safety's Sake.

Start a thread, private message someone whom you know has experience in
bike mechanical and fabrication, or go ask someone locally.

Or Very Realistically, The Next Ride You Take Could Be Your Last......

No Foolin'!

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound Of Cure.
My Production Bobber Build Up
"Everything Is Possible...If You Can See Beyond The Invisible"

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