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Originally Posted by restapukin View Post
OK, I've got an alternative proposition

either the primary effect of the opti-2 or the knock-on effect of changes that the oil has made via detergent effect...

have thrown a partially bedded pair of rings in a partially glazed bore ... right back into break-in mode again...


i've been thinking about this quite a bit, 2door, i'm truly interested, not just trying to be smart or <right> even

in all good faith


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'X' Mark,
I appreciate your input. Thanks. Any and all help might answer this for us. It might help someone in the future and save some headachs for the next guy or gal. Keep the ideas coming. As for the theory, I'm really leaning toward a ring problem in spite of the fact that the motor seemed to have good compression. I know it does now. If I'm not rolling fast enough when I pop the clutch the compression will bring me to an instant stop. But, it did that with the Opti too.
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