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Originally Posted by restapukin View Post
the fact that performance was not restored immediately, but came back gradually with the burning of a tankful ... well...
.... this does not rule out my hypothesis that the problem was related to the removal of copious amounts of carbon through detergents in the new oil and also the <smokefree lean-burn effect> per my post on the last page...

in all good faith, 2door, i reckon this is what is going on with your opti-2 experience
The only problem with your theory, restapukin, is that if carbon removal was the issue how then did I collect "copious amounts" of carbon in two tanks that I had accumulated in 1500 miles? I rode this bike hard for those two tanks and the power kept increasing the further I rode. It was if the motor was ridding itself of the effects of the Opti-2. I'm of the opinion that the oil is so slick that the rings could not hold the compression that they were able to with standard oil. To add to this; the oil I have been using for a long time, Stihl 2 cycle chainsaw oil is supposed to be mixed at 50:1 and I typically use it at 24:1 to 30:1. Is that the reason my motor had previously been running so good? Excessive lubrication? Still open to suggestions here.
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