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Default Wildfire Motors Motorized Bicycle Complete

Wildfire Motors - WFG-26MBW Moped

OK before i started building my bike i found this bike being sold for $450.00 at a couple of local businesses owned by the same guy... i liked it ok but i didnt know anything about them and i thought 450 was steep.... now hindsight... i would have saved money by getting this and saved alot of time and it has some extras that i dont have.

it is being sold online for $630.00 but here locally $450.00 thats a big jump. i talked to a guy that works there and he said that they buy them 5 at a time and they arent trying to get rich on them... its just a thing the owner wanted to do. the wholesaler actually raised the price on them for the second shipment and they still sell them for the same 450 i really wish i would have gotten this guy. i could have bought 2 for all of the money ive had to spend getting mine done. ohh well.. if anyone is interested in these let me know. ohh yeah it has a little wheel generator mounted on the front wheel.

i believe some of you geniuses out there could really pimp this ride.
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