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Default Re: stainless tuned pipe goodness

I wonder if you've formed a view as to the effects/benefits/drawbacks of an immediate increase of pipe diameter (vs stock)

I'd sure like a perfomance boost based on larger diameter piping leading to a an equally efficient muffler ... hence little noise penalty...

it's best to cut a low profile around the bourgeoius biketracks here...

but that's a beaut piece of work, Foureasy, that pipe at the top of the thread... the fact that it's perfectly round in section in itself should help minimise noise of course, and the weld seams can only enhance the rigidity of the bizzo

the thing just looks right...

and all in stainless by my oath; ...guys.... yer can't heat-treat stainless - it ain't so easy to work with that stuff at all, so mucho respect for design and execution.

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