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  46. try again
  47. effects of over voltage on a controller
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  51. Magic Pie 3 Doesn't Do anything
  52. Brand New Defective Chinese Battery !!!
  53. question about cold weather and batteries.
  54. is there a C rating for nimh batteries
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  57. 48V 15Ah LiFePO4 battery options for MagicPie3?
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  60. Help me make a 5 ah 74v Nano Battery
  61. motorized bicycle trunk or rear bag
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  64. Ahhh Noobie confusion with battery choices, ah etc!
  65. Strange case of the C
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  68. Amp Hours Versus Weight With SLAs
  69. question for the professor.
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  71. E-scooter needs Help!!!
  72. 48v 30 watt continious output vs
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  85. So CB is this it
  86. Anyone charging their battery with solar panel?
  87. Turnigy 5.0
  88. ebay 48v 15ah battery?
  89. Place to put all my crap! Headlight,horn,readouts,cup holder, ect..
  90. Wired bicycle computers
  91. Anyone got any suggestions on soft grips?
  92. Electric bikes are evolving very fast! Check this out
  93. help with new battery plug?
  94. Best place to buy a battery
  95. anyone use a ebike trailer push
  96. Carrying a battery on one's back
  97. 2nd BUILD! A Tandem
  98. PVC CAR Hmmm?
  99. 4 wheel PVC car..The American Speedster...
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  101. Turnigy 10.0
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